Application privacy policy


Collection of personal information

Applications provided by YuuWoods (hereafter this application) use Google AdMob for ad delivery and Google Firebase Analytics for usage analysis, or plan to use.

Purpose of using personal information

About ad delivery

This application uses a third-party advertisement service.

For more information on Google ads, please refer to ads of Google privacy and terms.

About Usage Analysis

This application uses Google Firebase Analytics for usage analysis.

Data collected using Google Firebase Analytics is managed based on Google privacy policy.

For more information, please refer to Google privacy policy.

In addition

In addition, there are cases where it is used for confirmation of requests and request contents from users, quality improvement of responses and improvement of services.

Disclosure / provision of personal information to a third party

As a general rule, we do not offer various kinds of information you provided to third parties, unless one of the following applies.

  • When there is your consent.
  • When to disclose to YuuWoods’s business alliance partners, outsourcing partners, affiliated companies in order to make the your desired service.
  • When disclosure is requested based on laws and regulations.
  • Where disclosure is requested from judicial or administrative agencies.

Compliance with laws and regulations and norms, review.

YuuWoods will comply with Japanese laws and regulations applicable to personal information held and other norms, review the contents of this policy as appropriate, and make efforts to improve it. It may be changed at any time without prior announcement due to change of business contents, revision of laws and regulations etc.


For inquiries about the privacy policy, we accept it from the “お問い合わせ” at the bottom of the page


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